Templates incl.

Templates provided

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Auto Class Composite includes 31 ready to use templates but remember that this is an extension for Photoshop and therefore you have no restrictions to create your own templates or modify the provided ones to suit your needs.
Many colleges require you to include a picture of the building, a shield or a slogan, no problem because you are in Photoshop.

You may create different shapes for teaches and for students, fill one group and later the other one, applying a different style and size to the pictures.

All the templates will be provided in PSD format with independent layers for the frame elements, this way you may easily redesign the template to suit your own sizes. Also one shape modell is included, just use Auto Class Composite features to create easily as many target shapes you need for your pictures.

Please find enclosed a list of included templates:
































Auto Class Composite for any theme

With Auto Class Composite you may easily create composites for any theme, just place the shape layers in the template and save the pictures in a folder. 

The tool will fill the composite with your pictures and include the name of the pictured person at bottom.