Batch composite

Batch composite

With version 9 of Auto Class Composite a new feature is available to create composites in batch mode. With this option we may create the typical school composite having alternatively a student in a larger and main position.  

Orla por lotes

The application will crate a different file for each student or person and save it into PSD or JPG format, we recommend to save in PSD to be able to change font and other adjustments.

To use this option you have to create a special shape layer (usually a larger one) and place it over the rest of shape layers in the Photoshop layers palette, then select this layer. In Auto Class Composite select the Batch composite option and then the folder with your images, at bottom you have to select the target folder for the output files (Do NOT select the images folder as output) and click at Fill composite.


Auto Class Composite for any theme

With Auto Class Composite you may easily create composites for any theme, just place the shape layers in the template and save the pictures in a folder. 

The tool will fill the composite with your pictures and include the name of the pictured person at bottom.